Health benefits to stretching every day.

There are a lot of benefits to regular stretching. Increasing your flexibility is only one of them. It can also improve your posture, reduce body aches and stress, which helps you sleep better.

Flexibility: Daily stretching improves your flexibility. It is essential for your overall health and can also delay the reduced mobility you may experience getting older. Increasing and maintaining your range of motion into old age helps with static and dynamic stretching.

Exercise can also improve your mood with a boost of endorphins. The feel-good chemicals that get released when you exercise are a natural response that boosts your mood straight away. Getting this injection of endorphins is a natural stress reliever.

Stretching helps your body to release tension blocks. When you feel like you are tense, a good stretch can clear the blockages and offer unparalleled relief. Stretching your spine regularly is a huge help to your overall health.

These releases also help you sleep better. With less tense muscles, you will be getting much better sleep.

Stretching reduces injuries. It should not be considered a warm-up but can be used for a cool-down session post a workout. Working on stretching your muscles after a weight or gym workout will prevent your muscles from shortening and getting stiff. Keep them flexible and supple to avoid injury and tears.

Post-workout stretching is excellent for relieving sore muscles. Stretching the day of and the day after a hard workout can help release the lactic acid build up in your muscles. Lactic acid is what makes them hurt a day or two after your workout. Stretching will help move this out of the muscles, releasing the ache.

Improve your posture with regular stretching. Over time, our muscles can spasm and shorten, causing us to stoop over when we walk or sit behind our computers for extended periods. Straightening and stretching your back, neck, and shoulder muscles reminds you to keep your head up and shoulders back for a better posture and less back pain.

Calm your mind with a daily stretch routine. Add in breathing techniques and meditation into a stretch regimen.



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