Easy Psychological Tricks

Psychological tricks can add up flavor to your social life and give your communication skills an upgrade. Psychological techniques such as persuasion and social psychology can convince people to do something when they don’t want to. This is, however, not to be confused with manipulating.

Whether it’s making someone spill their secrets, getting your boss to give you a raise, or persuading someone to buy something, psychology will always be to your rescue. Here are some easy psychological tricks you can use in everyday life and get things done!

Calling Out The Bluffs

If you’re surrounded by deceiving people and want to call out their bluffs, we have a few tricks for you to follow!

1.    Warm-up your hands:

Nothing reeks of a cold lie more than challenging and clammy hands. If you’re talking to someone you want to trust, you better warm up your hands before shaking them with the person or even touching them.

2.    Be wary of the body language:

Lying and deceiving behavior is often associated with discomfort. If you notice it, all you have to do is catch that chink in their armor. Some people might scratch their head, some might repeat the same gesture again and again, and some might get too touchy. For catching them red-handed, noticing their body language will be of great help!

3.    Look into the eyes:

It’s common that people who are lying to your face don’t usually make eye contact. You’ll notice them seeing here and there, either on your shoes or your shirt, but won’t make direct eye contact with you while talking. It is also a sign of discomfort people face while lying on your face. So, always look into the eyes; they never lie!

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Getting Someone To Tell You Something:

People don’t usually share their secrets with anyone unless they’re family or friends. Still, sometimes, even your loved ones might not want to do that. We advise you to give them space, but sometimes it’s good to let things out. Well, here’s how you can get someone to tell you something.

1.    Eat together:

Make Bread, Not War

According to recent research, eating together with a loved one releases endorphins called “feel-good hormones.” Eating with someone is always more than meets the eye. Inviting them to a meal, preferably their favorite place, might help them open up and express their thoughts. However, always remember that a polite invitation is more effective rather than pushing them.

2.    Reverse Psychology:

Reverse psychology can be called the most underrated psychological trick in the world. But, if used properly, it can do wonders. If you want someone to spill their guts out without making it obvious, you need to do the exact opposite. In other words, you should seem least interested in their affairs and dealings.

When someone hiding a secret feels that their loved ones aren’t interested, their mind wanders, and they might end up spilling the beans. Reverse psychology can come to use in various circumstances, ranging from personal life to corporate dealings, so do consider it a powerful weapon in your arsenal. All you need is practice!

Some Other Psychological Tricks:

  • If you want someone’s help, use the words “NEED” in your sentence. People love to feel needed.
  • Always be in your best posture. By correcting your posture, you automatically look a lot more confident.
  • Be enigmatic, and always keep a particular mystery about your personality. Such a personality has a more significant potential of attracting people to you.
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Psychological tricks may seem easy, but they need a lot of practice. Once you’ve had your training, there’s no stopping. We advise you to not use these easy psychological tricks for taboo or vicious activities like manipulation. If used positively, these psychology tricks can help you read the minds of people and save yourself from future problems!