What if you could have a high-paying skill that enabled you to provide abundantly for your family, pay someone to do those boring chores, and stop you worrying about whether you can afford that $4 espresso for breakfast? You can also have high bargaining power over how much you want to get paid, probably travel around the world with loved ones while you work, and the best part of it all? Without a formal college degree, just another skill you topped up from the internet?

Truth is, that could sound like a fantasy, but there could be no better era to make this your reality than 2021. Also, if you don’t know someone in person with this sort of lifestyle, any of these 5 high-value income skills could make you ‘that guy that balls but doesn’t seem to work.’ Excited? Well, you should be. Just a disclaimer though. After reading this article, make sure you pick up one skill that you feel is suitable for you. Commit to working on it and depending on your patience and commitment, you’re going to get the freedom you desire.


Digital Marketing is a high-earning skill with many sub-areas in which you can specialize to make lots of doe. Worth noting, companies prefer freelancers or consultants who are specialists.

They want an email marketing expert, not a marketing generalist if they need assistance with email marketing. As a result, it’s a smart idea to specialize over time. Don’t be concerned at first; just understand what you can and make your decision later. Here are a few basic fields of digital marketing you could choose from; Content marketing, social media marketing, and online advertisements.

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Some of the world’s most prominent tech companies such as Google have done away with the need for a degree. As a result, you can learn this skill online or in-person and that could last around 12 weeks.

Because of the high demand for this style of job, it is one of the best high-income skills to master. More companies and services around the world are run on machines, and people use mobile gadgets in almost every area of their lives. Software engineers with a few years of experience can expect to earn $100,000 or more, with the best engineers in top organizations making $200,000 or more.


The profits of a business are directly influenced by sales and promotions. That’s why a corporation wouldn’t mind paying a sales agent $1 million if they closed a $10 million in transactions deal every year. This is how the commission system functions.

If you want to work in finance, opt into B2B (business to business) sales because the commissions are much higher. In some cases, the best employers still pay a base wage, so don’t feel obligated to take a commission-only career.


You might be curious, now that you’ve seen our top examples of high-earning skills, how you could learn these high-earning skills. We still got you covered on that.

Utilize free learning resources that you can find on platforms such as YouTube and other reading materials. Also, investing in a good, credible online course could make the process a lot easier as you will have all the basics to advanced information on your selected niche.

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All the best.