3 day detox diet

After 3 days, you’ll rise again

In today’s environment and majority of lifestyles, it’s hard to avoid coming across substances and chemicals that are foreign to our system.  In defence, the body reacts in remarkable ways to protect itself from intruders.  Normally, it’s the excretory organs like the liver, kidneys, skin, including the lungs that need to work extra hard to segregate, neutralize and dispose of the toxins.

But it’s easier said than done.  Toxins that accumulate in every cell of our body will cause the latter to release some form of chemicals (take the effects of nicotine in our brain) or gradually mutate into cancers and other degenerative diseases.

And we can never take back what we consumed.  However, changing lifestyles and going on detox programs can do wonders for the proper functioning of vital body processes.  Detoxification promotes cell renewal, flushes out free radicals, and strengthens the immune system.  Even as short as a 3-day detox diet can help in purging out damaging toxins and make you feel so much better.

Although not all detox types are suitable for everyone, a 3-day detox may be a milder way of detoxifying.  Other detox programs may require you to get a go-signal from your doctor especially if you are underweight, malnourished or have chronic diseases like cancer, iron-deficiency, anemia, ulcerative colitis, kidney and liver disease, among others. They may also require that you walk in and walk out of one – i.e prepare yourself before gradually leading into and out of the cleanse, all with good reason.

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This one may benefit of course too, from slowly eating gentler foods before and after the detox. To begin with, this detox program is especially designed for a 3-day detox diet. Try to include the following foods for each day within three days.

Upon waking up in the morning,

Upon waking up in the morning


drink a cup of warm water and lemon squeezed in it, to stimulate your gastric juices.

For your meals,


Eat one cup of whole grains like brown rice, buckwheat, amaranth, and at least three servings each of fruits and vegetables one of which should be eaten raw.

You could also make salads out of fruits and vegetables but choose vinegar or any natural virgin oils (olive and coconut virgin oils or fish oil) for your dressing.

In addition, have two doses of kidney and liver tonics daily over the 3-day detox diet:

Two cups of dandelion, chamomile or fennel tea, pure vegetable juice like carrot or beetroot, a clove of fresh garlic, medium bunch of black grapes, two cups of parsley or yellow tea.  And make it a habit to drink 8 glasses or more water as well as other fluids made of fresh fruit juices such as apple and orange.

In addition- In your 3-day detox diet, drink herbal tea before going to bed daily and

have a 30-minute walk within the program period daily.30-minute walk within the program period daily

After the third day, you’ll surely feel rejuvenated and may want to do the 3-day detox diet again.  But before you do that, change your lifestyle as much as possible and you will find that tis detox gets easier and easier, then you may want to increase detox times to say 4, 5 or 7 days when you decide to have your next cleanse.

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Your body will reward you big time.

Happy cleansing happy detox.