DAY 21

Day 21!  You’ve made it!  This is the end of this challenge – but it certainly does not have to be the end of your fitness journey!

Here’s the thing – fitness IS a journey.  It’s not a ‘work on it for 21 days and you’re done’ type of thing.  It’s a lifelong commitment to living in good health.  To doing something good for YOU each and every day.

So what I’d like you to do today is REFLECT.

  • Reflect on how you did with this challenge.
  • Did you put in the effort each day?
  • How did you feel doing the workouts?
  • How did you feel through the day after your workout was done?
  • How was your mood?
  • How was your energy?
  • How were you sleeping at night?
  • Did you notice any improvements in your overall health?

Take some time today and really reflect on what this 21 day challenge has done for YOU and your health.

And then reach out.  If this challenge was beneficial to you (I hope it was!) then let’s chat about other options that would be a great place to go from here.  Let’s continue working together on your health and fitness.  Let’s continue to get stronger.  Let’s continue taking control of your health and life.

I’m here for you – I’m cheering you on, every step of the way.  Reach out and let’s chat about your next step on your fitness & health journey.

Before closing – I just want to give everyone a MASSIVE SHOUTOUT!  Thank you all for making this challenge so much fun to run – and such a huge success for all who participated.  I absolutely LOVE hosting these challenges for you – thank you so very much for being here!!

I’ve said it before, but I’m going to say it again – as you can never say it too much.  YOU.  ARE.  AWESOME!!!